Interactive Theater:

We have developed interactive theater to help accelerate the impact of training programs or to create better awareness of critical issues the business is facing. Using professional actors, we create a series of realistic scenarios addressing the critical issues identified by the client. This program creates a "larger than life" awareness of these issues. The participants interact with our cast, providing direction in how to respond to scenarios raised in the drama or participating in the facilitated discussion.

Our clients have found this technique to be very effective accelerating awareness or as a training assessment tool.

In addition to interactive theater many of our traditional training programs address these areas as well.  For information on the Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE training programs, follow the link.

For information about our Best Practices Assessments, follow this link:  Best Practices Assessments.

Case Studies:

Division of Major Computer Manufacturer:  As part of their strategic planning process, we needed to get the leadership team of a division of this client to think about their business in a very different manner.  In order to provoke them to think "outside the box," we designed a production in which an actor played the role of the CEO of a start-up company in a related business area.  Other than the top executive, none of the leadership team knew this was a staged event.  The production and interaction of the actor with the leadership team created a level of excitement and new ideas and approaches in developing their own business plans and strategies.  The session was later critiqued as the most effective program they had experienced in helping the leadership team to think more creatively about growing their business.

Consumer Products Company: This client presented us the challenge helping their sales people better understand their customer’s businesses and to develop better skills in handling customer objections. They further wanted us to create a non-traditional approach to creating awareness and developing new skills. We designed an interactive theater program, conducted by professional actors, which created a "larger than life" awareness of objections and challenges the sales people might face in working with their customers. The interactive theater was designed to elicit the active participation of the audience in helping to develop strategies to better handle the scenarios we presented. The program was conducted for over 600 sales people and was reviewed as the most innovative training program they had ever seen. In a very compressed time, we were able to raise the awareness of the participants and help them develop strategies they could use with their customers. The participants found the approach simultaneously entertaining, exciting, realistic, and provoking. The use of the interactive theater concept allowed us to accelerate the awareness, acceptance, and development of new skills, when compared with more traditional workshop programs. We were also able to reduce the implementation costs with this new approach. This client has asked us to work with them in implementing this approach in a variety of skills development programs.

Industrial Products Company: This company had embarked on a major diversity and ethics training and development program. One of the challenges they faced was quickly creating a common awareness among thousands of associates on the importance of these issues and the need for developing their skills in recognizing and dealing with these issues. The situation was further complicated by the sensitive nature of the topic. The interactive theater was designed, based on real situations, but enabled the participants to discuss them in a "safe" environment. The topics addressed included workforce diversity, harassment, legal and ethical practices, employee empowerment within an organization. This was used as the first element of a multi-element training and development program.



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