Strategic Partnering, Acquisition Assessment:

Strategic partnering has become a buzzword that often represents nothing more than a fancier sales pitch. We do not support this approach to partnering. In our client engagements, we seek to identify potential partners with complementary skills, capabilities, and interests in providing value to their customers. We believe every successful partnership requires attention to the "(SR)3 + SV2" -- Shared Resources, Shared Risk and Shared Reward. Along with these, success requires Shared Values and Vision.

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  • Technology Products Company:  Strategic partnering and alliances were a key part of this $ billion plus company.  We worked with this company in developing the strategies to drive more successful alliances and partnerships, as well as embed a partnering mentality into the business planning and strategies of the business units.  We worked with R&D, product management, marketing, sales, finance, legal, IT, customer service in developing and implementing partnering and alliance strategies.  We worked with many of the partnering teams to assess current relationships, driving improvements in the results.

  • Semiconductor Equipment Partnership: We worked with a major semiconductor manufacturer and a supplier of scientific instruments in developing a strategic partnership between their organizations. We led the market assessment, customer interviews and business planning that culminated in the development of a strategic relationship to launch a series of products that would enable dramatic improvements in chip yield for semiconductor manufacturers.

  • Communications Equipment Manufacturer: We worked with a communications equipment manufacturer to develop and implement a strategic partnering strategy to enable them to expand their development and distribution capability. In this project we established partner selection criteria, identified potential partners, and developed the initial strategies to approach the partners.

  • Software Developer Relations Team: Our client manufactured a variety of hardware and software products. Key to their success in the market was the ability to have support for their products integrated into a variety of software products developed by independent manufacturers. We worked with this client's developer relations group in establishing a solutions and value based focus in approaching potential partners in defining a relationship. This strategy was oriented at identifying the goals and strategies of potential partners and creating unique approaches to meeting the needs of each partner.

  • Non-Profit Health Education Alliance: Our client was a start-up company, hoping to provide educational and developmental materials in the healthcare markets. In addition to advising this client on their overall business strategy, we helped this client identify groups within the industry that had shared objectives and needs. We helped this client develop partnering strategies to help these organizations achieve their mission more readily, allowing our client to accelerate the attainment of their goals.



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