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Dimensions of EXCELLENCE™  Custom Training

Sales Excellence Curriculum:

This curriculum is targeted to sales professionals, sales managers, channel managers, channel partners and other professionals involved in the selling function.

The Sales Excellence Curriculum is structured along several lines:

  • All modules are based on the principles of performance excellence:  Process, Competence, Value, and Leadership.  We seek to reinforce the application of these principles in all aspects of professional development. 

  • The programs are designed to develop a consultative, customer-focused approach to the selling process.

  • The programs focus on creating sustaining and differentiated value throughout the selling process.

  • The programs cover six aspects of professional selling and management:

Sales Strategy Development and Execution These modules focus on tactical planning and execution.  The modules develop the sales professional’s capabilities in developing their sales strategies for each opportunity, and in executing high impact sales calls to achieve the goals of the sales plan.  Additional modules sharpen the skills of the sales professional in managing each opportunity.  As a result of completing these programs, the sales professional should have dramatically increased the win rates as well as reduced the selling cycle.

Account Planning, Development, and Growth.  These modules help the sales professional develop and grow their accounts.  They focus on expanding their relationships, demonstrating differentiated value, and in becoming a trusted business partner.  As a result of completing these programs, the sale professional should increase customer satisfaction and retention, dramatically increase share of the account and lifetime value of the customer.

Territory Development and Management These modules help the sales professional better manage their time and activity in the territory.  It is focuses on building skills to manage multiple accounts, forecasting, time management, prospecting, and other areas.  As a result of completing these programs, the sales professional should increase market share within their territory, improve forecast integrity, as well as improving effectiveness and efficiency.

Leading The Sales Organization These modules focus on developing the capabilities of the sales management team in maximizing the performance of the sales organization.  The modules focus on developing the sales vision, strategy and selling process; recruiting, developing and coaching sales professionals; developing and managing channels; and measuring and tracking the selling process.  After completing these programs, managers should see dramatically improved productivity in the organization, reduced employee turnover, reduced selling expense, improved profitability, and improved sales growth.

Developing Your Sales Channels.  These modules focus on the development and implementation of the sales distribution strategy.  They address areas of determining what your distribution strategy is, recruiting partners, getting started, managing partners, dealing with problems, globalization and many other issues important to the effective implementation of channels.  They cover all aspects of channels, including systems integrator, VARs, resellers, retailers, manufacturers representatives, agents, distributors, catalog, OEM and others.  They address strategic partnering issues as well.

Strategic Partnering:  This workshop focuses broadly on strategic partnering and alliances.  It looks at ranges of partnerships from Mergers, through Joint Development, Research, Marketing, Manufacturing and other types of partnerships.  The program covers developing the partnering strategy, identifying potential partners, negotiating the relationship, managing the relationship and other topics.

Value Proposition Development:  This workshop focuses specifically on the organization's value proposition.  It is designed for product management, product marketing, marketing and sales audiences.  If focuses on understanding what customers value, defining and delivering differentiated value.

Supplementary and Proprietary Programs These programs provide deeper skill development in specialized areas.  As example, they may cover financial selling, negotiation, qualifying, prospecting or other skills at a very deep level.  The proprietary programs are developed under contract to a customer and are owned by the customer.  They may represent proprietary sales training programs for the customer to provide their resellers or retailers, product introduction and launch programs, or other special requirements.-  

  • The core programs are constructed in a modular fashion, enabling the organization to implement only the programs that are critical to producing the desired results.  Most modules can be taken in any combination (some may have pre-req’s).  This enables the design of an overall program that address the critical issues, maximizing value to both the individual and the organization.  It also enables the organization to move from “event driven” training to the implementation of a curriculum that can be implemented over time.  This enables the organization to constantly develop its capabilities, reinforcing those developed in earlier sessions.  It also enables the organization to more effectively manage its investment in sales training.

  • While the core curriculum enables us to implement sales training programs very quickly, our experience is that “one size does not fit all.”  In order for the programs to have maximum impact, they must be closely integrated into the management and business processes of the organization.  Consequently, most programs are customized, assuring sustained impact on the organization.  In developing a specific programs, we work with the management team in understanding the objectives and goals they have for the organization and assessing current capabilities.  The resulting program design has maximum impact in helping the organization achieve the results it seeks.

  • In addition to the core program modules, we have a rich library of Specialized Programs, addressing specific skills or topics.  These reinforce the core modules and build the competence of the sales professional.

  • All programs are results oriented.  The focus is on immediate implementation of the skills being developed.  Each module requires the participant use a current sales situation as the case study.  The participant applies the principles of the module to a "live situation."  In addition to developing the capability of the professional, they can take immediate action in applying the skills in their territory.  Additionally, in most programs, we schedule 30-60-90 day checkpoint reviews with management to assure the expected results from the implementation of the program are being achieved.

Our menu of programs grows continually.  Additionally, many more customized programs can be developed.


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