New Product Launch Programs:

Successful product launches require an integrated launch plan. All elements of the launch program must complement each other, providing consistent messages to the customer and to the sales organization. All elements of the program must work together to achieve the desired goals of the organization. Finally, and most importantly, the launch need be driven by a focus on the needs the new products satisfies with the intended customers.

We work with our clients developing customer focused programs, encompassing launch strategy and messages, training, distribution strategy, metrics, key account strategy, promotion and other areas. These programs accelerate the acceptance of the product by the customer and the attainment of the desired results.

In addition to consulting services, many of our training programs are key aspects of new product introductions.  We develop customized training to support the launch as well as provide additional sales, marketing and customer support skills.  For information on the Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE training programs, follow the link.

Case Studies:

Telecommunications Systems Software:  This client wanted to re-engineer their total Product Introduction process, moving from and engineering orientation to a customer focused orientation.  The project involved re-defining their development process, establishing activities in which they engaged customers, channels and field sales much earlier in the process.  We established the key checkpoints and metrics to become much  more customer focused, improve the acceptability of the products to the market, accelerated customer acceptance at introduction and accelerated the payback from new product introductions.

Internet Billing System Software:  This client was entering a new market segment with a new product.  We worked with them in developing the strategy for the product launch including the identification, sizing,  and prioritization of target markets, preliminary marketing message development, identification of critical marketing programs, development of the value proposition and positioning, development and implementation of sales channels, and competitive analysis.

Industrial Materials:  This client was introducing a new series of products in a market dominated by their competition.  The client sought to develop and implement sales strategies that would enable the sales people to win business that had previously been committed to this competitor.  We developed a program that focused the sales people on discovering the real business needs, problems and challenges the customers faced in using these types of materials.  Based on what they had learned in the discovery process, we developed a program in which the sales people could define their differentiated value and clearly demonstrate this value to the customer.  This value based approach enabled our client to redefine the "competitive playing field" by transitioning the selling process from a commodity product orientation to a consultative partnering proposition.

Consumer Packaged Goods: A Fortune 100 manufacturer of consumer packaged goods was involved in the most significant industry launch in 30 years. We assisted the marketing and sales organizations, worldwide, develop and implement their launch programs. One of our contributions was focusing the launch strategy on addressing consumer needs rather than their traditional product-technology focus. Additionally, we demonstrated how our client could maximize the impact of this launch through staging a number of programs that would pre-empt competitive sales efforts. We developed the training strategies and programs for their direct sales force and their dealers. This included the development of a program to communicate their value proposition to the retail dealers and to help their dealers increase category profitability. The launch program was evaluated by our client as most effective launch in their history. A separate element of this program was working with the key account teams to develop and implement strategies that would allow them to gain dominant share within the retail dealers. We conducted a series of key account planning workshops, focused on maximizing the effectiveness of the teams in introducing these products to their customers. Our programs not only helped them achieve this, but also in many cases helped them gain 100 percent share of display.

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