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Driving International Success for the Irish Tech Industry - The Internationalization Partnership


Mission Viejo, CA – Aug’07 2009Maidsfield Associates, a business development and sales-side partnering consulting company for the Irish technology sector has entered into a three-way partnership with Beyond the Boardroom, an Ireland based Sales Leaderships, Consulting and Training company and Partners In EXCELLENCE, a US based sales, partnering and globalisation consulting and service business. 

The focus of the partnership is to help Irish Technology companies accelerate the results they achieve through their Internationalization efforts.  The partnership brings together experience and track record in helping companies successfully expand globally. Leveraging the capabilities to access new regions, markets, develop new channels and alliances; this partnership will help Irish Technologies improve the results they achieve in competing in a global market. 

Whether your organisation is seeking to go international or already trading abroad the internationalization partnership can assist you to ensure you achieve the highest levels of performance and the best results possible.  

Together, Maidsfield, Beyond the Boardroom and Partners In EXCELLENCE have helped Irish and other organizations achieve tremendous results in Internationalising.  Organizations like Qumas, InnerWorkings, Decare Systems Ireland, Helix Health, Dolphin Software, IBM, HP, Canon, Motorola, Ericsson, Dassault Systemes, NCR, and others.

“The future of Irish business lies in our ability to deliver internationally. This unique initiative is about giving Irish Tech companies the tools to overcome the challenges and pitfalls of the International business landscape. Our aim will be to deliver results, quicker and more effectively than has previously been seen.”, - Niall Devitt, Managing Partner of Beyond the Boardroom

“I’ve experienced first hand the challenges of internationalising Irish Technology companies. In expanding the capabilities and international reach of working with such good people as in David’s and Niall’s organisations, is about delivering faster and more effective results for the international success of Irish Technology Companies. ”, - Donagh Kiernan, Managing Partner of Maidsfield Associates

“I’m very excited about the impact this partnership can have on helping Irish Technology companies Internationalise.  A key growth strategy for these companies, is globalisation.  Together, we bring both a track record, experiences, and resources that can accelerate the results companies achieve, while significantly reducing risk in these programs.“- David A Brock, President of Partners In EXCELLENCE


 About Maidsfield Associates

Maidsfield Associates is a business development consulting company providing services to established internationally focussed technology companies. Maidsfield helps its clients meet its growth aspirations through delivering consulting services in Sales-side Corporate Partnerships and Strategic Business Development. Maidsfield clients include with internationally focused technology companies in Dublin, Limerick and Cork.

 Maidsfield’s founder, Donagh Kiernan has 20 years experience in working in, owning, driving and delivering results with international focussed Irish technology companies. In 2007/2008 Donagh was selected by Enterprise Ireland as one of 32 Irish business leaders to participate in a year long “Leadership for Growth Programme” for globally focused business leaders delivered by the prestigious Stanford University in California. He is an active contributor to Irish Technology industry development organisations through it@cork, NSC Campus, Irish Software Association, CIT Alumni and on Enterprise Ireland initiatives.

About Beyond the Boardroom

Beyond the Boardroom is a leading Irish business development consultancy, working in the areas of sales leadership, sales management consulting and sales excellence programs.  

Niall Devitt is the founder. He is a member of Top Sales Experts International team and the founder of Sales Leadership Ireland. His blog on sales know how is one of the mostly widely read sales resources on the net. 

About Partners In EXCELLENCE: 

Partners In EXCELLENCE is a global consulting company, focused on helping its clients achieve the highest level of results and performance in Sales, Marketing, New Product Introduction, and Globalisation. The firm is known for its pragmatic approach to driving significant growth and profitability for its clients. 

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