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Mission Viejo, California, November 1, 2004 Partners In EXCELLENCE is now offering public versions of its professional development workshops.  Since it was founded in the early 1990's, Partners In EXCELLENCE has developed custom training programs and workshops for the world's leading organizations.  In that time the company has trained more than 150,000 professionals.

In response to requests from many organizations, Partners In EXCELLENCE is now offering versions of many of its private workshops to public audiences.  "Some of our current clients sought training for new hires, many other organizations wanted the high quality professional development programs we offered, but could not justify a custom program,"  stated Dave Brock, President of Partners In EXCELLENCE, "To meet this high level of demand, particularly for early stage companies, we have adopted some programs to be offered to multiple customers in open sessions."

Partners In EXCELLENCE programs have been widely acclaimed for the pragmatic content and for providing tools that help professionals produce meaningful results.

"Follow-on coaching and reinforcement has always been a key element of the custom and private programs we offer.  It's this reinforcement that help create sustained changes in the way people work and the result they produce and it is what has enabled us to offer superior value to our clients,"  states Brock. 

"We were concerned about how we could maintain the same level of  coaching and reinforcement in public classes."  To overcome this, each program includes ongoing coaching and reinforcement from Partners In EXCELLENCE staff, as well as access to "class web-sites" for tools, tips, and other support.

"We have tested a few of these workshops with the portfolio clients of several incubators and the partner organizations of our clients and have found the approach maintains the high level of quality and results of our private workshops," Brock said, "It is exciting to be able to extend this value to new groups of people trying to achieve the highest levels of performance."

For more information about these public workshops, visit Partners In EXCELLENCE website,, or contact them at, or phone (949)305-7146.


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