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Acting Globally and Locally, Partners In EXCELLENCE and Paragon Matrix Establish Strategic Partnership


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Mission Viejo, California, and Shropshire, United Kingdom, April 21, 2003—Global consultancies, Partners In EXCELLENCE and Paragon Matrix have announced a strategic partnership.  The primary focus of the partnership is to provide their clients a network of quality and easily accessible resources in countries local to their operations.

“For many years, we have developed a global client base, working with clients around the world.  Our work is growing and the need to be simultaneously global and local is driving us to approach our business differently.  Our growing UK and Western European client base requires expanded support in those geographies.  Our colleagues at Paragon Matrix have the experience, and capability to complement ours, at the same time providing stronger local presence in those markets,” stated Dave Brock of Partners In EXCELLENCE. 

This partnership complements others announced by Partners In EXCELLENCE.  It is part of its strategy to provide strong local capability, around the world, for companies of all sizes.  Organizations around the world will have access to a network of consulting boutiques using common processes, methods, and offering wide experience.  Each of these organizations provides the highest quality services. 

Paragon Matrix’s clients have needs for support in North America.  We wanted a strong partner that could support many of our clients as they enter the North American markets.  Partners In EXCELLENCE understands the needs of European companies expanding into North America,” observed Phil Griffiths, Managing Partner of Paragon Matrix.  “Working with Partners In EXCELLENCE, Paragon Matrix will be able to more effectively bridge the Atlantic in supporting our clients.” 

In addition to supporting the globalization efforts of their clients, the partnership is intended to expand the availability of the sales, marketing, and leadership training programs developed by Partners In EXCELLENCE.  “Historically, we have supported the global 1000 in implementing these programs.  We have not been able to support smaller customers as effectively.  With this partnership, we can support smaller enterprises, locally,” commented Brock.


Partners In EXCELLENCE is a leading consultancy helping its clients OutSell and OutPerform their competition.  Established in 1990, the company works with Global 1000 companies, as well as start-ups.  Clients include NCR, Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, Dassault Systemes/IBM, Canon Europa, GE Capital, Plaut Consulting, EMC, Keithley Instruments, AT&T, Adventions, eHatchery, IOtech, Eastman Kodak, Motorola, MCI, SBC/Ameritech, KeyCorp, National Credit Systems, Perot Systems, Sports Retail Partners, Bank of America, Compaq, and others.  The company helps companies develop and execute high impact strategies in all customer facing sectors of their business including sales, marketing and customer service.  They are particularly known for their work in developing sales and distribution channels, globalization, strategic partnering, new product introductions, sales productivity/effectiveness improvement, and business strategy development.  In addition to their clients, Partners In EXCELLENCE works closely with venture capital firms and other investors, assuring their portfolios companies produce the best results possible. 

Paragon Matrix is perhaps the leading consultancy in providing a matrix of innovative, proven services allowing companies to penetrate & support new and established markets, drive market share and increase revenues. With our pioneering customer focus approach, Paragon Matrix assists a range of technology companies providing them with a formidable value proposition in business and channel development. Our consultants have worked with companies such as Unisys, ICL / Fujitsu, COSA Solutions, AT&T Istel, BaaN, Ley GmbH, Software Distribution Network AG, Parametric Technology Corp. Display GmbH, Wespac, Computacenter, Alphatronics and Northwest Digital Software to name just a few. Today’s businesses realize the speed, flexibility and skill benefits that Paragon Matrix can provide, which allows them to enter new markets, generate new business, reduce overheads and improve the ROI of their channel development processes.  


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