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For Immediate Release:

March 26, 2001, Cleveland, OH—Partners In EXCELLENCE Extends Its Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE training programs to small and medium size businesses.  Summer tour of Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE Sales and Marketing Programs begin in June 2001.

The sales, marketing, customer service and leadership programs launched in 1998 have received wide recognition for the results they have produced for the organizations that have implemented them.  

Originally, these programs were implemented as private offerings for single clients.  "We focused on highly customized programs for larger companies.  In the past few years, several thousand professionals have participated in our workshops.  We have conducted these programs for major corporations, world-wide,"  stated Kookie Brock, "The demand for these programs is equally high in smaller organizations.  We wanted to develop high impact programs to address the needs of these organizations."

Dimensions of EXCELLENCE programs have now been refined, enabling small and mid-sized companies to implement tailored programs, quickly and cost effectively.  Additionally, the programs can now be offered in a multi-client setting, enabling companies to send small numbers of people to public workshops.

"We wanted to maintain the intensity of the experience, and the results oriented focus of our larger client programs in the offerings we provided smaller organizations.  Over the past 18 months, we have conducted a number of private workshops with smaller organizations as well as multiple clients sessions.  Associations like the Buckeye and Rocky Mountain Chapters of the Electronic Representatives Association and the Hot Rod Industry have helped us tune our programs to have the same impact, while addressing the needs of multiple organizations.."

"Additionally, we wanted to tune the experience to address realities faced by smaller organizations, particularly start-ups.  We are now able to address a much wider audience with these tailored programs," states Brock.

Starting in June, Partners In EXCELLENCE will be offering open enrollment sessions of its Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE programs in a number of cities in the US.  The programs in summer will be directed to sales and marketing professionals.  Workshops will be scheduled in Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco/Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Seattle.  For more information call Partners In EXCELLENCE at 949-305-7146, or email SummerWorkshops@excellenc.com


Headquartered in Mission Viejo and with branches throughout the United States, Partners in EXCELLENCE provides a variety of consulting and training services to help companies outsell and outperform their competition. Clients range from Fortune 100 companies to startups and include industries such as: internet, telecommunications, information technology-based companies, consumer products, office products, financial and professional services.  For information on the products and services provided by Partners In EXCELLENCE, visit their web site at:  www.excellenc.com, email them at info@excellenc.com, telephone 949-305-7146.

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