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Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE sales effectiveness programs pass the 1000 attendee mark, receiving strong reviews.

November 1, 1999"A year ago, we launched Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE as a new generation of sales development programs," says Dave Brock, president of Partners In EXCELLENCE.  "Since the launch of the program, over 1000 sales professionals representing companies around the world have participated in these workshops."

The sales development programs developed, recognizing the realities that sales and management professionals face everyday.  Traditional programs did not quite hit the mark.  These new programs provide sales professionals the ability to quickly learn new skills and apply them to produce immediate results.  Based on a pragmatic approach to improving effectiveness, these programs are structured to address the development of specific skills.

"Sales professionals can now select 'bite-sized' modules, that help them sharpen their skills in a particular area.  They immediately apply those skills in real sales situations, shortening the time required to get real feedback on the results," Brock explained.

Follow-up with participants after the workshops indicate that they continue to use the skills they have developed, building their ability, competence, and confidence.  The most often cited feedback is about the practical and easy way in which they can implement the new skills.

"A year ago, we started with development programs focused on the needs of sales professionals.  In the past eight months we have also conducted marketing and leadership excellence programs, applying similar principles to those disciplines.  We are seeing the same value with marketing and management professionals as we have seen with sales professionals."

Headquartered in Mission Viejo and with branches throughout the United States, Partners in EXCELLENCE provides a variety of consulting and training services to help companies outsell and outperform their competition. Clients range from Fortune 100 companies to startups and include industries such as: internet, telecommunications, information technology-based companies, consumer products, office products, financial and professional services.  For information on the products and services provided by Partners In EXCELLENCE, visit their web site at:  www.excellenc.com, email them at info@excellenc.com, telephone 949-305-7146

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