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Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE , The Development And Training Program For The New Millennium Is Launched

August 1, 1998, Cleveland, OH: Partners In EXCELLENCE announces a new approach in training with the launch of Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE . "Over the past years, we have been involved in the design and implementation of a number of training programs in a variety of industries," explains Barry Stern, one of the firm's principals, "the training industry has not kept up with the paradigm shifts business people currently face. We believed a new approach to developing skills for business professionals was required. This approach had to be tied directly to the challenges they face and its effectiveness measured by the direct results produced."

Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE seeks to help business professionals to effectively develop skills necessary to drive organizational and performance excellence. It focuses on four dimensions of performance excellence: Process, Value Enablement, Competency, and Leadership. "In the past, most training programs addressed certain aspects of each of these elements," states Dave Brock, president of the firm, "However, the challenges business professionals face in the future require a balanced approach, integrating each of these elements. Programs which focus on only one element will miss the mark in creating the desired business results."

Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE programs are initially focused in several areas. Sales, Customer Service and Leadership EXCELLENCE programs are currently being delivered to customers today. Programs for other customer contact and business leadership areas will be offered in the coming months. These programs offer the most flexible, yet comprehensive training solutions available to business professionals. The program design enables individuals to gain immediate benefit from a variety of tools without requiring them to go through the traditional classroom experience. Workshops offer an enriched experience and help the participants integrate a variety of tools more productively. The web site, www.dimensionsofxcellence.com, will offer the tools, EXCELerators , for convenient download, enabling business professionals to immediately implement them to improve the results they produce. The web site will also include a Knowledge Center, where clients can share knowledge and consult with the industry experts associated with the company.

"A significant aspect is that we have created a new business model," offers Stern, "This has enabled us to involve leaders in a variety of disciplines to contribute to the development and delivery of these programs. We already have some of the best thought leaders and practitioners of business-to-business selling, financial sales and customer service involved in the company. Over the coming weeks we will announce alliances with leading experts in leadership, team building, and organizational development."


About Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE : Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE is a subsidiary of Partners In EXCELLENCE, a consulting and training company. The principals of Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE are Dave Brock and Barry Stern. Both Mssrs. Brock and Stern have extensive experience in line and executive management as well as in training development and implementation. For more information about the Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE visit their web site at www.dimensionsofexcellence.com or call Dave Brock at (949)305-7146 or Barry Stern at (216) 931-0032. Through its parent organization, Partners In EXCELLENCE, customers can take advantage of consulting and business strategy services, complementing the programs offered through Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE . Information about Partners in EXCELLENCE can be found at www.excellenc.com .

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