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Our Mission:

Partners in EXCELLENCE supports its clients in achieving performance excellence by providing consulting, training and development services. We assist organizations in re-inventing their business strategies, sales, marketing, and customer services processes.

Our mission is to help our clients OutPerform and OutSell their competition as well as to OutPerform their own expectations!

Our focus is to help our clients accelerate the attainment of their goals and the results they seek.  We work with clients from the inception of business strategies through the implementation of those strategies. 

In our experience, the greatest cause for an organization not to achieve their desired results is the failure of the organization to execute their plan.  By working with our clients through the implementation cycle, we assure that the results our clients seek are achieved and we help accelerate the attainment of those results.

Our value system shapes the way we work:

  • We want to make a difference for our clients businesses and lives.  We want to work with clients that want us to make a difference.  We have no desire to be involved in projects where the only outcome is a report that is put unread in their credenzas.
  • We want to work with companies and people we enjoy.  Our process is very intensive and we commit ourselves fully to creating profound results for our clients.  To help balance the intensity of our approach, we want to work with people we enjoy.
  • We want to learn something new in each project.  Our clients teach us many important things.  Learning something new in each project, keeps us fresh and current.  It provides us new ideas, approaches and techniques that we can share with other clients.  It enable both our clients and us to be innovative.
  • We want to generate a fair return for the results we help our clients produce.


Through Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE, our proprietary development and training programs, we  offer a unique approach focusing on achieving performance excellence through a disciplined approach to leadership, sales, marketing and customer service training programs.  Participants develop their skills though a process oriented approach to creating value and improving their competencies.  We offer single and multi-client seminar programs as well as custom designed workshops.

With Pathway Productions, we have implemented Interactive Theater. Professional actors help organizations build awareness of issues and facilitate workshops to develop strategies to address those issues.

We team with our clients to help sharpen their focus and improve the execution of their plans.  Typically they realize sales productivity improvements, reductions in sales cycles, improved market share, improved customer satisfaction, improved revenue and profitability.  Ultimately, their strategies and plans are significantly improved.

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