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Sales Training, Skill Development, Leadership Training, Workshops, Sales Automation, Key Account Planning:

Improving the performance, effectiveness, and productivity of sales professionals is an area in which we have great experience. Developing the skills and professionalism of sales, marketing, and customer support personnel is an area of great importance to every sales and marketing organization. However, many executives are reluctant to invest in training and development programs because of the failure of so many programs to produce real results.

Among the major reasons training fails to achieve the desired business goals is:


Lack of sales management support in establishing goals and reinforcing desired behavioral changes after the training.


Programs that cannot be immediately applied to real problems the participants face in doing their job.


Training that focuses on "gimmicks" and techniques (i.e., the X techniques for closing a sale).


The "one size fits all" approach to training development. Standard programs do not apply to the unique needs of customers and markets.


Training programs are developed and implemented by people having little line experience in sales, marketing and customer service.

We work with our clients in developing a variety programs. Most of these are custom developed, providing skills when, where and how the participants need those skills. Rather than tie abstract measures to the success of the program (i.e. did the participant like the instructor, materials and meals served at breaks) we tie our programs to specific business results desired by management. These measurements include reductions in sales cycle time, increase in customer satisfaction, competitive win-backs, increases in revenue and profitability growth and others.

We exploit a variety of training techniques, oriented to cost effectively achieving the desired outcome. These range from computer-based programs, multimedia, Web delivered, audio/visual, workbook and workshop based deliveries.

Many of our sales development programs are based on our proprietary Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE™ programs.   The principles underlying this approach are that performance excellence is only achieved through a balanced integration of Process, Competence, Value Enablement and Leadership.   This is a customer based, process-oriented approach to selling.

In some cases, our clients have standardized on another selling process or model. For those clients, we develop unique programs that leverage the existing investment they have made, yet provide new capabilities to accelerate the attainment of the business results.

Case Studies:

High Probability Selling:  We have worked with many companies, developing special programs and tools to improve the Odds To Win each sales opportunity.  These programs represent a combination of improved qualification techniques, a more disciplined selling and call planning process, and a fact based approach to assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each sales opportunity.  As a result, the sales professionals focus on high quality sales opportunities, closing more then ever before.

Six Sigma Quality in Sales:  This global financial services provider was committed to implementing Six Sigma across its organization.  We were engaged as part of the team to develop and implement the Six Sigma For Sales (Green Belt) training programs.  This program was implemented globally and resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of savings, improvements in customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

Sales Cycle Reduction:  A major supplier of data mining/data warehousing systems had a sales cycle that exceeded 140 days.  They sought to improve the productivity of their sales people, reducing the sales cycle.  We developed opportunity planning and account planning tools based on our Dimensions of EXCELLENCE sales training programs.  We trained the sales people in these tools and supported the subsequent implementation.  The customer achieved an average sales cycle of about 60+ days as a result of the training program and our subsequent support.

Packaging product sales management development:  This manufacturer wanted to develop the skills of their sales managers in leading, coaching and developing their people.  We implemented an interactive workshop in which we helped the managers understand the critical elements of developing their people and leading them execute at the highest level.  The workshop included role plays and other scenarios in which the managers developed their skills in coaching their people and direct them to improving their own sales effectiveness.

Sales professional skills development, reseller sales:  A major industry association representing resellers of technology based products asked us to work with them in providing advanced sales skills development in a number of areas.  We offered a modular program to the membership of the local chapters.  This program enabled the members to choose the skill areas they wanted to develop, attending only those workshops.  The program continues on an ongoing basis as part of their professional development program.

Telesales Skills Development, Industrial Products:  This company wanted to develop the effectiveness of their inside sales people managing Tier 2 and 3 accounts through the telesales channel. We worked with the inside sales team in developing basic capabilities for planning and executing high impact calls, developing simple account plans and implementing tools to help them better prioritize account activity.

Computer Manufacturer Key Account Strategy Development: We have worked with a major manufacturer of computer systems in developing key account strategies for their financial services customers. We conducted strategy reviews to help the teams move beyond the relationships they had established with the information systems units to work with end user executives in developing strategies to address their problems.

Test Equipment Manufacturer: We worked with the account team supporting a test equipment manufacturer. This team had an objective to displace competitively installed equipment in the major facilities of their customer. We worked with the team in developing the strategy, demonstrating their value in improving yield, reducing cycle time and improving overall productivity at one important site. Based on this demonstration, their customer committed to displace the competitor and install our client's equipment in all of the facilities. Over a two year period, our client’s sales to this customer have increased 10-fold and continue to grow from that new level.

Wireless Communications Services Supplier: This client was launching new services in a number of new geographies. We worked with their account teams in developing the strategies to introduce these new services to their key accounts and to win commitments from those accounts to implement our clients solutions.

We have worked with other clients in conducting key account strategy workshops. Utilizing our Sales EXCELLENCE programs (based on Dimensions of EXCELLENCE™) , we help our clients achieve maximum impact in the development of winning sales strategies. This process based approach drives a significant compression of the selling cycle. These strategies have enabled our clients to reduce selling cycles and improve sales productivity.


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