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Selecting the right mix of sales channels and optimizing their performance is a critical issue with many of our clients. We work in maximizing the effectiveness of direct sales organizations, representative, distributors, and resellers. Assessing the performance of the sales channels, recommending alternative means of reaching customers and developing the capabilities of the sales organization are important aspects of many of our assignments. Exploiting the latest electronic and non- electronic means of reaching customers directly is an increasingly important part of our work in developing distribution channel effectiveness.

Many of the practices implemented in these consulting engagements are directly tied to the principles of Process, Competence, Value Enablement and Leadership developed in our Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE™ sales excellence training programs.

In addition to consulting services, many of our training programs address these areas as well.  For information on the Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE training programs, follow the link.  Specific Channel Development training programs are reached through this link.

For information about our Best Practices Assessments, follow this link:  Best Practices Assessments.

The Partner Performance Matrix is a tool that helps maximize the ROI from each channel partner.  For information on this tool, follow the link.

Case Studies:

Computer Peripherals Company, Global Distribution Strategy:  A major manufacturer of computer peripherals and office automation equipment wanted to change the structure of their distribution and dealer networks around the world.  We worked with them and their trading partners in key geographies to refine their sales distribution in key countries, establish new dealer support programs, and drive more active sales efforts in these countries.  We conducted a series of workshops with the trading partners to establish a strong foundation to the sales strategy.  We followed these with planning sessions with each trading partner to establish specific country strategies and programs.  These sessions resulted in detailed roadmaps for expanding market share and growing revenue in each country.

Software Company International Sales Channel Expansion:  This established software company had not fully developed their sales and distribution channels to address opportunities in Latin and South America.  We worked with the management team in identifying the opportunities and priorities for expansion into this region.  Additionally, we recommended the organizational design, metrics and business processes that needed to be put in place to support the implementation the new organization in the region.  Finally, we worked with the management team in refining the business plan to better meet their objectives.  As a result of the planning efforts, this new sales organization exceeded it goal in growth, sales revenue, key customer, and profitability.

System Software Company Channel Audit:  Our client had put in place a sales strategy that relied strongly on sales through systems integrators and resellers.  Executive management sought an independent audit of the program, seeking opinions of customers, channel partners and their own people.  We conducted this audit and benchmarked several similar organizations.  We provided our client with an assessment of the channel strategy and recommendations to improve execution through the channel.

Financial Services Organization (Retail Banking):  We worked with a major Bank in helping the executive management better exploit its non-traditional channels to sell financial products.  This project involved integrating bank marketing plans, the customer service centers and the telesales organization to attract banking consumers to utilize the telesales centers, driving incremental sales of financial services products through more cost effective distribution channels.

Telecommunications System Software Company Sales Organization Audit and Restructuring:  This company had experienced very rapid growth with its sales organization, but was seeing sharp declines in productivity, forecast integrity and sales effectiveness.  This was coupled with significant turnover in the sales organization.  We worked with the client in auditing the organization, establishing a commons selling process, developing a forecasting and funnel management process and implementing a much stronger management review process.  We also worked in establishing strong forward-looking metrics to give the management team stronger capabilities in controlling their business.

Technology Based Product Sales Organization: We worked with a major manufacturer of PC peripherals in developing their strategies to expand the distribution of their products. This client traditionally distributed their products through a specialized industry remarketer channel. As the client broadened their product line, they sought new channels to expand the distribution of their products.

The assignment included the development and implementation of a strategy to identify important software developers, industry resellers, retailers, and distributors to expand distribution. We worked with the client in developing their priorities, putting in place the appropriate support programs and infrastructure, and targeting the highest leverage opportunities. Finally, we helped the client establish and train a dedicated sales team to drive the development of these new channels. These channels are expected to drive as much as 40% of the client’s sales in the coming years.

Reaching New Market Segments: Our client had established dominant share of several applications markets for its application software packages. They had an established distribution channel that was very effective in reaching its traditional markets.

Their traditional direct sales model was unaffordable in addressing the thousands of new customers our client wanted to reach. We established a plan that would leverage an existing infrastructure of resellers and service providers in these markets. We identified the organizational support requirements, programs, metrics, and people needed to support this new distribution channel. We helped the client understand the critical success factors in implementing a reseller channel, establishing strong relationships and value for the resellers and the end customer.

Developing The Solutions Oriented Sales Force: We assisted an information technology organization in developing their strategies to increase their penetration of several key markets. The client sought to gain share leadership in selling very complex systems of hardware, software, and professional services. The selling process involved a conceptual sale at executive levels. The selling cycle typically took 12-18 months. 

We recommended the development of a specialized sales organization, with the experience to significantly reduce the selling cycle as well as improve the competitiveness in each sales situation.  This sales organization worked with the existing account teams to increase their success in selling these solutions in their target markets.

This approach has been replicated through the rest of the organization and is the cornerstone to the sale and support of complex solutions in the target markets.

Industrial Control and Process Monitoring Product Sales: A manufacturer of industrial products had developed a very strong direct marketing program. Through it advertisements, catalog, and direct mail programs, they were generating a large number of new customers every year, driving significant sales growth. This focus on new customer acquisition had blinded our client to the poor sales results produced by the existing customer base and the ineffectiveness of their major accounts programs.

We showed them that they were losing opportunities by not generating follow-on sales with existing customers. We suggested re-deploying internal resources and developing their representative organization to support and grow the business they derived from existing customers. We helped them in developing a major accounts program to drive closer and more profitable relationships with their top customers. These programs provided a basis for doubling the growth of our client.

Professional Services: A large professional services organization was not achieving the results it desired in growing its sales in new markets. We worked with sales management in adapting our sales process training to their needs, driving a more focused approach to identifying, and qualifying opportunities, increasing the size and scope of the projects they pursued. As a result, our client was able to develop closer, value based relationships with their clients, growing sales significantly.

Industrial Products Manufacturer: The new sales vice president of this organization found his sales organization had an undisciplined sales process. Each sales person had very different approaches to forecasting, territory, and business management. The organization had not been achieving the desired results. This sales executive had us help to identify and develop a common selling process, a consistent forecasting methodology and a disciplined business management process. In implementing this new process, the vice president was able to drive greater performance, consistency and professionalism.



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