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While many clients find our Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE training programs, tailored to their specific business, provide the performance results they desire, sometimes, we find it better to go to a blank sheet of paper and produce a custom program.

Developing training programs that maximize the impact on the results produced by the organization requires a high degree of flexibility in the design, development and implementation of the program. Clearly, a "one size fits all" approach is unlikely to produce the best results.  Underlying all these programs, however is the consistent thread that we believe drive performance excellence, a balanced focus on Process, Competence, Value Enablement, and Leadership.

We work with clients in identifying the business strategies and objectives they seek to achieve. Based on these, we develop programs optimized to achieve these results. We choose the implementation most likely to achieve the desired impact. These approaches vary from classroom-based programs, workshops, seminars, audio, video, self-study; computer based training and multimedia approaches.

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Case Studies:

Channel Online Product and Sales Training:  This technology company was launching a sales channel program to reach new customer segments and accelerate the sales of its software products.  A key element of the channel programs was to provide an Online Learning Center to provide product and sales training for these products.  We developed a tiered training program for each of the products--sales, pre-sales technical, and implementation training.  Additionally, we developed a number of training programs focusing on the company, markets, and business issues addressed by the solutions provided by the client.  The feedback from the channel partners was that these programs represented some of the best and clearest training they had ever received.  The client received many awards from VARbusiness and CRN for the quality of these programs.

Sales Cycle Reduction:  A major supplier of data mining/data warehousing systems had a sales cycle that exceeded 140 days.  They sought to improve the productivity of their sales people, reducing the sales cycle.  We developed opportunity planning and account planning tools based on our Dimensions of EXCELLENCE sales training programs.  We trained the sales people in these tools and supported the subsequent implementation.  The customer achieved an average sales cycle of about 60+ days as a result of the training program and our subsequent support.

Packaging product sales management development:  This manufacturer wanted to develop the skills of their sales managers in leading, coaching and developing their people.  We implemented an interactive workshop in which we helped the managers understand the critical elements of developing their people and leading them execute at the highest level.  The workshop included role plays and other scenarios in which the managers developed their skills in coaching their people and direct them to improving their own sales effectiveness.

Sales professional skills development, reseller sales:  A major industry association representing resellers of technology based products asked us to work with them in providing advanced sales skills development in a number of areas.  We offered a modular program to the membership of the local chapters.  This program enabled the members to choose the skill areas they wanted to develop, attending only those workshops.  The program continues on an ongoing basis as part of their professional development program.

Industrial materials sales:  This manufacturer of industrial materials was looking to improve the capabilities of its sales people in the Discovery and Demonstration phases of the selling process.  We developed an interactive workshop to help the sales people achieve a greater customer focus, using new questioning techniques to discover the true customer need, quantify that need and then present their solutions based those needs.

Retail sales associate training programs: This manufacturer of consumer products had the need to train the sales associates in the retail sales channels on a variety of new products. The key challenge was to develop a program that would be stimulating to people having diverse personal and professional motivations, varied experience, and educational levels and supporting many cultures. In addition to this challenge, the program had to be implemented quickly and inexpensively, having minimal impact on the time of the retail sales people.

After conducting focus group studies of a cross section of the sales associates, we determined the most effective approach was to create a multi-tiered program, enabling all sales people to achieve a base level of proficiency in our client's products and stimulating them to take more advanced programs to enhance their competency.

We developed a high impact program to train retail sales associates in effectively communicating and selling the benefits of our client's products to consumers. The program consisted of a series of videos, which generated a high level of enthusiasm, excitement, and support with the sales associates. These programs were recognized within the retail channels as the premier training programs for the retail associates. The programs were significant in helping our client gain share in the stores, maximize the sell-through of their products, and maximize the profitability of their retail dealers. The video-training program was implemented in thousands of retail outlets in the US and translated to support dealer training in other countries.

Forecasting and business management programs: One industrial client wanted to develop a better forecasting and business management process. We worked with the client in designing the process and designing a simple training program to motivate the field sales organization to embrace and use this process. This program required a simple workshop approach, but needed to be designed in a manner to capture the hearts and minds of the sales people, showing them how it could improve their own effectiveness as well facilitate the implementation of the organization's new business management process.

Digital imaging sales video: We developed a video based program for another client to introduce retail sales associates to the concepts of digital imaging, improving their ability to understand customer needs. This program introduced the sales people to the concepts through demonstrating how the products solved real problems. The program helped improve the associates understanding and confidence in selling these products to their customers, while at the same time generating a high level of enthusiasm.

Sales automation tools: Complementing many of our training programs, we provide specialized computer based tools to enable the client to effectively reinforce the new behaviors, while improving the productivity of the people in implementing the tools. In addition to specialized tools we develop, we also provide a Windows based EXCELerators™ supporting our proprietary Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE™ programs.



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