Business Development, Strategic Planning and Market Planning:

We work with various clients in assessing new market opportunities, driving their business strategies to develop new customers, new products, and new markets. Our work ranges from strategic planning to market research and forecasting to the implementation of strategies to address those new opportunities.

Much of our work involves competitive positioning and market differentiation. We work with our clients in establishing a customer focus and identifying their unique value proposition in addressing these new customer opportunities and markets. All programs and strategies are built on demonstrating and supporting this value proposition.

In addition to consulting services, many of our training programs address these areas as well.  For information on the Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE training programs, follow the link.

For information about our Best Practices Assessments, follow this link:  Best Practices Assessments.

Case Studies:

Major Computer Company-Globalization:  We advised this company in developing the business case and financial plans for a major expansion into a new geographic region.  We helped structure the work in the development of business plans, assess manufacturing options, develop financial and business models, recruiting strategies, sales and marketing programs.  The result was presented to executive management for approval and implementation.

Major Computer Company:  The key executives of this company sought to sharpen their strategic planning process.  In the past, the planning process was not well connected with the realities of the business, consequently, they failed to execute the plan.  Additionally, much of the planning was done by the staff, rather than the people responsible for the execution of the plan.  

We worked with the executive team and key managers from the line operations in re-inventing their strategic planning process.  We engaged all parts of the organization in building a plan the organization could own and implement.  The resulting plan was one that sharply focused the priorities and execution of the entire organization, enabling them to more effectively use the resources of the organization in achieving their objectives, and growing share in the industry.

Internet Billing System Software:  This client was entering a new market segment with a new product.  We worked with them in developing the strategy for the product launch including the identification, sizing,  and prioritization of target markets, preliminary marketing message development, identification of critical marketing programs, development of the value proposition and positioning, development and implementation of sales channels, and competitive analysis.

Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer: This division of a Fortune 25 company wanted to develop a business strategy to gain maximum share in supporting the cellular and wireless communications industries. Our efforts included market research, competitive assessment, and organizational assessment. We developed a roadmap that enabled the organization to focus on the critical factors needed to establish market share leadership.

Internet Services Provider: We worked with a major internetworking company on two projects. The first was an assessment of the business strategy for one of their product lines. In this engagement, we identified the critical success factors, identified the reasons they had failed to achieve their business plan, and developed alternate courses of action for the future. As the result of our analysis and changes in their strategy, they chose to implement the recommendation to exit the business, saving several million dollars in expense and opportunity costs.

Additionally, we advised this client in the development and implementation of unique training programs for important business partners. These programs solidified the partnership and improved the effectiveness of the business partner in selling our client’s services.

Digital Imaging Product Manufacturer: Another client was expanding their distribution channels to address new markets for their computer peripheral hardware products. We conducted a market survey in which we benchmarked best practices and developed recommendations to maximize our client’s effectiveness in opening these new channels and markets. As a result of our work, we were able to re-direct the original strategies our client had developed. We recommended strategy changes enabling them to better utilize their resources and saved them several hundred thousand dollars in launch programs.

Industrial Data Acquisition and Control: A major supplier of industrial data acquisition and control products asked us to assess the opportunity to reach a broader market for a PC software product they had developed. They wanted to distribute their product through mass markets, including retail distribution. We identified the critical success factors required to distribute these products, assessed the market opportunity, and provided a number of recommendations to our client. Ultimately, we determined that the risk in achieving the desired market penetration and financial objectives was too high and recommended our client not pursue their strategy. We provided recommendations on broadening distribution of the product through their existing channels.

Data Warehousing Solutions Provider: A client sought to re-position its sales strategies in the data warehousing markets, adding greater value to their customers and extending their competitive leadership. They wanted to improve their ability to communicate the strategy within their own sales organization and with their customers. We worked with them to clearly articulate the strategy, to establish their unique differentiation, to develop their value add and to identify potential competitive exposures. We supported the development of the field training and customer communications programs to help our client achieve their business objectives with this new strategy.



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