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Is There Real Value To Your Value Proposition,

A Workshop For Developing and Communicating Your Value

“What the business thinks it produces is not of first importance, what the customer thinks he is buying, what he considers value, is decisive.  And what the customer buys and considers value, is never a product.  It is always utility, that is what a product does for him.”  Peter Drucker

Thousands of sales and marketing professionals have leveraged the principles of Value Creation and Delivery developed by Partners In EXCELLENCE.  This workshop helps the professional develop and communicate value propositions that are differentiated and sustainable.  Using the approaches presented in this workshop will enable you to set yourself above your competition, enabling you to OutPerform and OutSell them.

This workshop is not a workshop on value based selling techniques.   It is a rigorous workshop focusing the participants on determining the unique, differentiated and sustainable differentiation of their organization, products, services.

Topics Covered: 

  • The problem with traditional value propositions.

  • What is value?  Determining what customers value.

  • The 4 levels of value that must be developed in communicating your value proposition.

  • The one killer question that must be answered in every value proposition.

  • The 9 critical customer focused questions you must answer to define and deliver real value to the customer.

  • Communicating your value propositions.

  • Creating value in every exchange with your customer.

  • Creating real differentiation and sustainability in your value proposition.  Making value genuine.

If you are a sales or marketing professional, at any level, you will leave this workshop with tools that enable you to set yourself apart from your competition.  After completing this workshop and using the tools presented in the workshop, you should achieve the following results:

  • Drive stronger differentiation and positioning in all marketing programs, creating greater awareness and visibility in your target markets. Get more qualified leads into your pipelines.

  • Create and implement winning sales strategies by demonstrating superior value to your customer’s problems.  Improve win rates by at least 10%.

  • Build your relationship with customers, enabling you to grow them and build your business with them.  Increase both sales volumes and the profitability of the customer relationship

This workshop is very interactive, enabling each participant to practice applying the tools in real situations.  To maximize the level of interaction and value each participant gets from the workshop, class size is strictly limited to 15 people.

Each participant will leave the workshop with a value proposition workbook, tools to assess the strength and competitiveness of your value proposition, and support materials on best practices in developing and communicating value.  In addition:

  • Each participant will also receive 30 days of ongoing telephone coaching from Partners In EXCELLENCE in implementing the tools presented in the workshop. 

  • Each participant will have 6 months of access to the program website to download supplementary tools, articles, and information to help in building their capabilities.

“We have been looking to better understand how to build more powerful and focused value propositions.  Partners In EXCELLENCE work in this area is the most advanced that we have seen.  It has helped us think about our business and selling differently.”  Vice President, Siemens.

The investment in this workshop is $795.  Discounts for groups of 3 or more people attending from 1 company are 10%.*  The Early Bird registration discount is 10%*  (Registration 10 business days or more prior to the workshop). 

For the current schedule and to enroll, click on this link  Register For Workshop

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*The cumulative maximum discount for any workshop is 10%.  Custom workshops are available for corporations and organizations. 

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