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Testimonials For Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE Sales Development Programs:

Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE Sales Excellence Curriculum is a third generation oriented to helping sales professionals achieve the highest levels of performance.  It was introduced in the third quarter of 1998.  Since then, over 1000 professionals have attended these workshops.  Their feedback is important in continuing to develop programs that provide useful skills for the participants.  Here is what some of the participants have said about these programs and similar programs we have conducted.  (All comments are verbatim from feedback forms, only spelling has been corrected).

  • The entire program was great.  You both did an excellent job in presenting.

  • The workshops enabled us to develop a sales strategy that was different than anything we ever thought of.  In implementing the strategy, we moved from the underdog, to the leading vendor and eventually won business worth millions of dollars.

  • As much as I wanted to avoid spending time planning my calls, since implementing the tools I learned in your workshop, I have found that I accomplish much more in each call.  The approach really does reduce the sales cycle!

  • The purpose of this note is to let you the training was extremely beneficial for the team.  Throughout the four days, I watched the teams actually get excited about the program.  I have had the benefit of attending many programs over the last 8 years, and I can honestly say this one was the best.

  • The content was concise and focused on strategic account planning and selling….  Finally, the value the instructors brought to the course was significant.  Their proven track record and success in sales demonstrated the effectiveness of planning. 

  • I realize of course, the actual value of the training will continually be measured as the teams incorporate information and strategically plan their sales calls.  I am confident based on the discussions taking place during the class, they will be committed to using the tools as a means to become even more successful.

  • Pragmatic and practical application of a disciplined selling process to the real world of selling.  Not theoretical like some of our other programs.

  • Immediate solutions to everyday problems.

  • The speed at which it was taught.  The amount of information, not overkill.  Presenter was great.

  • Program is sound and provides great assistance to sales people.  Management needs to stick with it and give it enough time to succeed.

  • Coaching session was outstanding.

  • Basic information and presentation.

  • Interactive activity.

  • Business management section.

  • Good style, content.

  • Group participation, program content.

  • Valuable training skills.

  • The materials was related to our every day real world.

  • The funnel program, I think it was new to most of us.

  • Thanks!

  • Excellent course.

  • Role playing "questions from hell."

  • Class participation.

  • Role plays.

  • Excellent use of role plays.

  • Good session, will help new hires tremendously.

  • Presentation was good, pace was excellent!

  • The prospecting worksheet, more worksheets of this type would be helpful.

  • Worksheets quantifying calls.

  • Some of the worksheets were very helpful in quantifying items.

  • The presentation was well prepared and listed.

  • The rating system for odds to win to help ID strong and weak areas.

  • Sales worksheet that assesses opportunity strengths and weaknesses.

  • Step by step action plans.

  • Motivated to do what you mostly know.

  • Provides focus on selling progress at accounts.

  • Prospecting section, very useful, plan to apply.

  • Excellent!   How do we make it a habit?

  • The presentation materials were complete and will provide a valuable resource in the future.

  • Hands on workshops.

  • I really like the structured aspects of call planning.  Very comfortable atmosphere to learn.

  • Some very good "stuff,"  Notes, call planning, getting back to basics.

  • Prepare for call from hell!

  • Getting in touch with current business strategies on sales calls.

  • The objectives, actions session.

  • Instructors are presenting from experience.  Great job!

  • Handouts, tools, examples.

  • Good fundamental ideas, easy to implement.

  • Good short term re-focus on sales roles and strategy.

  • Recap of strategies.

  • Info on defining buying cycle and developing call agendas and future actions on needs.

  • Great info and handouts.

  • Short sweet, to the point. 

  • Good handouts, the Agenda.

  • Organizational tools, peer conversation.

  • Best workshop of the whole series.  Speaker was familiar with my customers, gave real life examples in the Colorado area .

  • Hands on practical solutions for problems

  • Territory planning worksheet.

  • Account Planning.

  • It was excellent in every subject.

  • The open dialog and topic beneficial to us.

  • Thought provoking.

  • That everything was laid out in a logical order.  To the point.

  • The material is timely and relevant.  Even as a refresher, the information is useful.

  • How to talk to the executive level, differentiating what their interest and goals are versus their subordinates.

  • Even though I am in a different sales role than others that attended and do not call on executives, the information was valuable.

  • Good forms to organize thoughts.

  • Account planning presentation presented useful information.

  • Good overall program.

  • Very well prepared presentation.   I'll send another colleague in October.

  • It should be mandatory that sales managers attend with their people.  Managers should be required to participate in the entire program.

  • Experience of the instructors in sales is a major plus to the program.

  • Key challenge will be in implementation and follow through.

  • Funnel provides some useful techniques for managing opportunities.


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