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Partners In EXCELLENCE is a consulting company focusing on helping its clients achieve dramatic improvements in the performance and results produced by the organization.  We focus on the customer facing side of the organization, seeking to provide solutions in the areas of:

  • Business strategy and planning.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Go To Market strategies.
  • Sales strategies, deployment, execution.
  • Marketing strategies, deployment, execution.
  • Customer services strategies, deployment, and execution.
  • Product management, marketing.
  • Product introductions and launches.
  • Strategic partnering and alliances.
  • Performance management.
  • Leadership development.
  • Organizational development.
  • Change management.

More detail follow in the links below:

  • Consulting Services: Types of engagements and projects we undertake.  

  • Value Proposition Solutions:  Partners In EXCELLENCE is the leader in helping its clients develop and communicate differentiated value propositions.  We offer a complete suite of offerings to help organizations OutPerform their competition through unique value propositions.

  • Sales Performance Research:  Research on sales performance effectiveness and efficiency.  This is across a wide range of sales channels and business models.  We use this research to establish best practices and help organizations develop and execute strategies to outperform their competition.

  • Partner Performance Matrix:  This work focuses on assuring sales channels and partners are performing at the highest levels, producing the results expected.

  • Partnership and Alliance Healthcheck:  Strategic partnering and alliances are critical to many business strategies.  Developing high performance partnerships and maintaining them is difficult.  The Healthcheck is a web based assessment tool to look at performance and get it back on track

  • Organizational Effectiveness Profile:  This assessment focuses on the maximizing the alignment within the organization, enabling it to perform at the highest levels.  It is a web delivered assessment tool, with complementary  services.

  • Best Practices Assessments:  Structured assessments of the business strategies, organizational capabilities, programs, execution, performance, and related areas.  Comparison with best practices demonstrated by high performance organizations.

  • Personal Coaching and Mentoring:  Helping executives develop themselves and their organizations to perform at the highest levels of excellence.

  • Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE™ Training Programs:  Custom training programs offered to improve the effectiveness of sales, marketing, customer service, and business executives.  We offer customized training programs aligned with the unique needs, strategies, and priorities of the organization.  These programs accelerate the ability of the organization in achieving its goals.

  • Behavioral Assessments:  Programs we conduct to provide a richer perspective of performance and behavior.



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