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The Sounding Board, Sales and Selling:

Are you a sales professional?  Do you want to:

  • Develop a winning strategy for a key opportunity?

  • Develop a plan to make a call on a key executive?

  • Develop a plan to win or develop a major account?

  • Improve your win rate or odds to win?

  • Reduce your sales cycle?

  • Determine a way to OutSell your competition?

  • Determine how you can create more value to your customer?

  • Learn how to make or exceed your quota?

  • Understand how your customer will make their decision?

  • Improve how your spend your time in your territory?

  • Present the business impact of your solution in a winning manner?

Are you a sales executive?  Do you want to:

  • Develop your organization's selling strategies?

  • Develop your team's ability to meet your goals and objectives?

  • Determine the channel strategy/mix that might be best for your company?

  • Improve the productivity and activity levels of your sales people?

  • Determine which metrics you should have in place to drive top performance in the organization?

  • Develop the sales professionals working for you?

  • Develop a strategy to identify and recruit the best and brightest sales professionals?

  • Understand what other sales organizations are doing to improve their performance?

We have managed and coached thousands of sales professionals in achieving superior sales performance in these and other areas.  Let us help you accelerate the results produced by your sales force to OutSell and OutPerform your competition.

Our Dimensions Of EXCELLENCE Sales Training programs have helped over 100,000 sales professionals improve their sales performance. Each program is customized to the unique needs of the customer and guaranteed to produce results.

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Briefly describe the situation you would like to use us as a sounding board for.

We will respond within 24 hours to arrange a time to speak.

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