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The Sounding Board, Marketing:

Are you a marketing professional?  Do you want to:

  • Identify new markets and opportunities to grow your business?

  • Establish and communicate your differentiated value proposition?

  • Analyze your markets, customers, and competition?

  • Increase share in your current markets?

  • Put in place programs to acquire new customers?

  • Improve customer retention?

  • Develop new products and services for your current customers?

  • Implement direct marketing programs?

  • Increase the quality of leads available to your sales organization?

  • Identify and acquire strategic marketing partners?

  • Integrate e-Business strategies into your marketing programs?

  • Assess your pricing strategies, develop greater value for your customers?

  • Determine what promotions are most effective in reaching your customers?

  • Assess your market coverage and improve penetration?

  • Better integrate sales and marketing strategies?

  • Better integrate business and market strategies?

  • Expand your markets globally?

  • Determine how to better measure the impact of your marketing programs?

We have managed and coached many marketing professionals in helping them develop world class marketing programs, identifying and growing new markets, and improving their customer focus.  Leverage our capability to help develop and implement superior marketing strategies and programs.

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When is it best to contact you? 

Briefly describe the situation you would like to use us as a sounding board for.

We will respond within 24 hours to arrange a time to speak.

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