Market Programs and Research:

Knowing what your customers want and how they will use your products is critical growing the business.  This starts with fundamental research about needs, buying patterns, reactions to your product ideas and other areas.  Effective market research does not stop at product ideas, but also looks at your total customer support infrastructure.  It includes how you do business, your distribution and support programs.

We help our clients research current and prospective customer needs.  Our research programs are tailored to the specific needs of the project.  In many cases, secondary resources are sufficient for the project.  Others require fundamental research and surveys.

We use a variety of approaches to provide solid information on your customers.  These include interviews and surveys, mystery shopping and other techniques.  We have conducted fundamental research through telephone interviews, mall intercept surveys of consumer opinion and internet based surveys.

Defining and implementing strong marketing programs is the next step to driving sales of products and services.  Partners In EXCELLENCE has supported its customers in developing and implementing comprehensive marketing programs, leveraging many approaches including direct marketing, e-mail and internet marketing, tradeshow, advertising, PR, and other approaches to generating awareness and demand for the clients' products and services.

Case Studies:

Industrial Products Company, Diversification/Market Expansion:  This company had developed a content management tool to help improve its own operations.  In an "intrepreneurial" effort, the company was considering introducing this software product as the cornerstone for a new software business.  We designed a market test program to assess interest in the product, as well as to test various marketing messages and target audiences.  As a result of this test marketing program, we were able to develop strategies and recommendations enabling the client to best position the product for wider sales and marketing.  This project significantly reduced time to revenue and product introduction expense.

Major Computer Company, New Product Line:  This client wanted to get consumer opinions regarding several design options for a product that would be used in a number of commercial venues.  They wanted to learn reactions to features, usability, styling, and potential utilization of a new kiosk type of system.  We designed a survey process and implemented a mall intercept survey to capture the end consumer opinions and attitudes about the products.  

The results of this research helped shape design decisions for these products.  Additionally, the research provided valuable information the sales organization could use with retailers in positioning how the systems would be used by consumers.

The client viewed this fundamental research as key to developing and launching a successful product, as well as maximizing the value proposition they and their retail partners offered end consumers.

Industrial Materials Product Line Expansion:  This client was considering expanding their product lines to include a number of major offerings.  A few customers had been seeking these products, but the client had no idea whether the majority of their customers wanted these products from this client.  The client was concerned about making sure these products met the priorities of their customers and could produce the business volumes that would justify the major investment in new plants, people and systems.

We worked with the client in defining a survey process that would better determine the needs, priorities, and value for the targeted customers.  Two surveys were completed.  The first was included detailed telephone interviews of key decision-makers in the client's largest customers.  The second included broader telephone surveys of other customers.  This survey was supplemented by secondary research through the clients sales and service organization and other sources.

As a result of the survey, we determined the strategy to expand the product lines would neither address the priorities of our client's customers nor produce the return required by the customer.  As a result of the recommendations, the customer was able to redirect their efforts to areas offering greater promise.

Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer: This division of a Fortune 25 company wanted to develop a business strategy to gain maximum share in supporting the cellular and wireless communications industries. Our efforts included market research, competitive assessment, and organizational assessment. We developed a roadmap that enabled the organization to focus on the critical factors needed to establish market share leadership.

Digital Imaging Product Manufacturer: Another client was expanding their distribution channels to address new markets for their computer peripheral hardware products. We conducted a market survey in which we benchmarked best practices and developed recommendations to maximize our client’s effectiveness in opening these new channels and markets. As a result of our work, we were able to re-direct the original strategies our client had developed. We recommended strategy changes enabling them to better utilize their resources and saved them several hundred thousand dollars in launch programs.


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