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Partners In EXCELLENCE Coaching Program


"My main job was developing talent. I was a gardener providing water and other nourishment to our top 750 people. Of course, I had to pull out some weeds, too."  Jack Welch, retired Chairman and CEO, GE.

All great business leaders have had at least one good coach or mentor to help them develop to their full potential.  Great managers and leaders invest in coaching their people to higher levels of performance. 

Unfortunately, in this day of "lean organizations" and hectic schedules, many professionals cannot get the level of coaching and mentoring they need to meet their own developmental goals.  Sadly, some managers do not have the skills or abilities to coach their people.

The Partners In EXCELLENCE Coaching Program is designed to help business professionals achieve their professional goals and maximize their performance.  Each coaching program is custom designed to the specific needs and objectives of the individual.  With your coach, you will develop a road map that helps you achieve your goals.  For information about our Coaching Program, contact us at Coaching@excellenc.com.

Partners In EXCELLENCE Coaching Program includes:

  • One-on-one scheduled meetings over the telephone or in person with one of our expert coaches.

  • Ad-hoc meetings to address special situations or critical issues.

  • Networking with other business professionals to help expand your professional skills and visibility.

  • Behavioral assessments to help you better understand your impact on the people with whom you interact.

  • Supplemental materials including training workshops, articles, books, and other materials that accelerate the goals you seek to achieve.  We have many unpublished articles and tools that are provided as part of our coaching programs.  Additionally, coaching clients receive significantly discounted prices to all Partners In EXCELLENCE seminars and workshops.

Partners In EXCELLENCE Coaching Program is not therapy.  While some of our expert coaches are licensed therapists, we do not seek to resolve the underlying issues that require therapeutic intervention.  Our coaching programs focus on the pragmatic issues of setting goals, achieving results, and improving your own abilities to manage, coach, and lead your teams.

What should I expect from my coach?

  • Each of our coaches is an experienced business professional.  All have held executive positions with Fortune 100 corporations.  Each has worked with hundreds of professionals throughout their careers.

  • Your coach will engage in tough and direct conversations with you.  They will not "tell you what your should do," but will use questioning and fierce conversations to help you think through the issues, establishing your own solutions and action plans.

  • Through observation, questioning and active listening, your coach will help you discover your own strengths and weaknesses, issues that impact your personal effectiveness, and issues that you and your organization in achieving its goals.

  • Your coach is a sounding board in helping you explore your business strategies, challenges, and new ideas.  Your coach provides a valuable outside perspective and feedback without an agenda.

  • Each session is intense and focused.  Coaching is not an idle conversation, but is challenging and intense.  We will challenge you to think and act in ways that increase your effectiveness and accelerate your ability to achieve your goals. 

  • We will help you face reality as it is, not as you want it to be.  We will help you develop plans to achieve your goals that are realty based.

  • Your coach will use the rich experience in working with many others to critique the solutions and actions you have established, helping to strengthen your plans.

  • Your coach will have held similar jobs to you and will work in the area of their personal expertise  (is sales management, marketing, general management).  They will share their experience in similar situations.

  • Your coach will hold you accountable for meeting the goals you have established under the plan.  Your coach will continue to evaluate the progress against the plan, recommending changes where needed.  Your coach will also tell you when the program should be stopped, insuring that you do not become overly dependent on the coach.

  • Your coach will introduce you to new ideas, people, and experiences to help you more quickly achieve your goals.  Your coach will help you expand your personal network and your experience base.

  • Your coach will be supportive of you and your goals.  Your coach will not be judgmental.  Your coach is your partner in achieving your goals in the program.

  • You should expect your conversations to be confidential.  You will be discussing critical business strategies and goals with your coach.  Each conversation will be kept totally confidential.

How does it work?

  • Your first coaching meeting is a no-charge telephone meeting with your coach.  In that meeting, together we will determine whether our coaching program is the right thing for you.  Once we determine this, we will establish your specific goals for the program, the meeting schedule and related activities most appropriate to achieve your goals, and your budget for the program.

  • After the initial no-charge coaching meeting, your coach will provide a documented plan, based on what you both agreed upon in the meeting.  This becomes the road map for you and your coach and establishes a time based schedule to achieve your goals.

  • The implementation of each plan is different, based on the goals and schedule we establish.  The meetings could be weekly teleconferences, bi-monthly, or whatever is appropriate.  Generally, we recommend at least two teleconferences per week.

  • In each meeting will have a set agenda, based on the goals and actions agreed upon in the previous meeting.  Each meeting will also focus on the question:  "What is most important for us to talk about today?"

  • At the conclusion of each meeting, we will agree on actions and next steps in achieving your goals.  These are not "make work" assignments, but specifically related to your job and the goals established.  For example, an action may be "Meet with a problem employee and address their performance issues and your expectations."  It may address specific issues of leading your team, meetings with customers, shareholders or employees.

  • In order to achieve your goals in the coaching program, your commitment is to work the plan we agree to overall and in each meeting.  If you don't meet your commitments in working the plan, you will not achieve the results we agreed upon.

  • In your work environment, there are unexpected problems or challenges.  Your coach will be available to you for ad hoc meetings to help you address these issues.  It may be a critical customer call that you want to prepare for, or de-briefing a difficult exchange you have had with a superior, peer, or subordinate.  Sometimes, it is not appropriate to wait for the next scheduled meeting and an ad hoc call or email will address the issue.

  • Throughout the coaching relationship, your coach may find people, resources, or other things that may be helpful in achieving your objectives.  Your coach will provide you those leads or introductions as they occur.

  • At the end of the coaching engagement, we will provide a structured review of what has been accomplished and a written report of next steps and other recommendations to enable you to continue your own personal development program.

How much does this cost?

  • As with any custom designed program, the investment will vary depending on the activities agreed upon, the frequency of meetings and other factors.  Effective coaching programs can be established for as little several hundreds of dollars each month to over a thousand dollars. 

  • Partners In EXCELLENCE has been very successful in helping its clients design coaching programs that produce real results within their budgets.

How long does it last?

  • Sustained performance improvement takes some time.  To be effective, we require our coaching clients commit to a minimum of a three month program.  After that, the duration of the program depends on the goals and plans that we have agreed upon.

Coaching and mentoring is not:

  • Our coaching and mentoring programs are not therapy.  We are focused on pragmatic issues, setting goals, and achieving results.  If your real need is therapeutic, we will not enter into the coaching program, but will recommend the appropriate professional.

  • Coaching is not "touchy-feely."  Each discussion with your coach will be focused and intense.  Each discussion will challenge you and your coach to achieve stretch goals in aggressive time frames.  Each session is focused on helping you produce results.

  • Coaching is not training.  While we may recommend specific training and development programs, we will develop your skills and capabilities through structured conversations built around your personal needs.

  • Coaching is not giving you the answers.  You are accountable for your own actions and results.  Coaching will help you through the critical thought process to help you make the best decisions for your organization.

  • Coaching is not focused on a specific business issue.  Coaching focuses on you, your role in your organization, your goals, and how you can lead your organization in achieving its goals.  Partners In EXCELLENCE provides consulting programs to help you and your organizations focus on specific business issues, plans or strategies.

  • Coaching is not for the "faint hearted."  Our coaches goals are to help each client achieve their personal and organizational goals.  Typically, we are aggressive and focused.  Our job is not to necessarily to agree with you, but to help you think more critically and help you establish meaningful plans to achieve your goals.

For more information about Partners In EXCELLENCE Coaching Programs, please contact us at Coaching@excellenc.com.  Please provide your name, company, and contact information.  If you can, in a few sentences describe what you would like to accomplish with the coaching program.



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