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Best Practices Assessments:

  • Is your organization performing at its highest possible level?

  • Are you leaving opportunities on the table?

  • How are you doing versus competition?

  • Are you best of breed?  Are you being outperformed?  What does it take to be best of breed?

  • Do you have a scorecard to measure and report your performance?

The best of breed organizations continually assess their performance, stretching to achieve new goals, and looking for every opportunity to improve, any competitive edge they can get.   

Our Best Practice Assessments provide a snapshot of the organizational performance.  Among the things you will learn from the assessment process are:

  • Performance strengths and weaknesses.

  • Are we doing the right things?

  • Are we doing things right?

  • Are our people doing what we want them to do, pay them to do, measure them against?

  • Are we competitive?  Are we likely to be overtaken?

  • How are we performing against plan?  Against potential?

  • How can we dramatically improve performance?

  • Where are we being outperformed?

  • Where can we improve?

  • Where are we threatened?

  • What is the historical performance, what are the trends?

  • What performance scorecards should we have in place?

  • What are our competitors doing?

  • How are we performing versus our competition?

  • How are we performing versus the world's best?

Best Practice Assessments are focused on giving you a quick, but comprehensive assessment of the performance of your organization.  In addition to the assessment, two key deliverables are:

  • Recommendations for performance improvement.

  • A Best Practices Scorecard.  This scorecard suggests the few key metrics that you should use to monitor your performance, tells you where you are now and provides goals for improvement.

While comprehensive, Best Practice Assessments are intended to provide a quick snapshot of the organizational performance, recommendations for improvement and a scorecard to assess the improvements.

Depending on the size of the organization, the scope of the assessment and the availability of the data needed to complete the assessment, the complete assessment process can be completed in a very short period of time for minimal investments.

The goal is to provide information and recommendations that are immediately action-able and that can produce results in a short period of time.  

The proprietary assessment process both shortens the time required to produce meaningful results and reduces the investment required.  Additionally, all assessments are conducted with our Total Client Satisfaction Guarantee.

Best Practice Assessment Programs Include:

  • Sales and Channel Effectiveness.

  • Marketing Program Effectiveness.

  • New Product Introduction Programs.

  • Customer Retention/Loyalty.

  • Key Account/Major Account.

  • Direct Marketing/Telemarketing Effectiveness.

  • Strategic Partnership Assessment.

  • Sales Forecast Integrity.

  • Market Segment/Territory Potential Assessment.

  • Customer Satisfaction.

  • Channel Partner Satisfaction.

  • Change Readiness.

In addition to these assessments, we have the capability of developing custom assessments in all areas of marketing, sales, and customer service.

For detailed information about Partners In EXCELLENCE's Best Practices Assessments, contact us by phone or submit a Best Practices Assessment Request.



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