Our affiliates share our values in helping clients achieve profound improvements in the performance of their organizations.  These affiliates extend our reach, providing the same quality of service and support around the world, or in providing unique capabilities that complement those of Partners In EXCELLENCE.

The Centre For Organisational Innovation:  Headquartered in Australia, the Centre For Organsational Innovation is our partner in developing and supplying powerful analytic tools use by Partners In EXCELLENCE in various organizational and performance assessments.  These tools are used in a variety of areas from helping drive greater financial returns from major initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, market growth, cultural change and generational systems changes through to improved leadership effectiveness, sales and marketing effectiveness improvement, team effectiveness improvement and planning and implementation reform and periodic organizational health checks. Among the tools that Partners In EXCELLENCE leverage is the Organizational Effectiveness Profile.  Learn more about the work and research of the Centre For Organisational Innovation at their website,     

Kona Results Group:  The Kona Results Group extends our reach into Australia and New Zealand.  They focus on helping their clients identify and implement opportunities to increase margins, revenues and total sales force performance.  Kona engages it clients in combining strategy, system/processes, and people to produce significant results in improving the performance of the their organizations.  Kona works with clients across a broad range of industries and is known for the tools they bring to help support their analysis, assessment and implementation plans.  You can learn more about Kona by visiting their website at:

Output Group:  Our partner in the Nordic countries.  is a European consultancy focusing on business growth by helping its clients executing their strategies. OutPut AB works with clients in high-tech industries such as IT, Telecom & Pharma/Biotech. With offices in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Grenoble, France, OutPut AB is ideally situated to assist clients throughout Europe. OutPut AB focus on clients developing and selling complex high-tech product- or service-centric solutions that rapidly need to introduce and successfully establish a new offering internationally, or diversify an existing offering into new markets. OutPut AB specializes in sales outsourcing with focus on sales channel and partner networks, new product introductions, sales productivity/effectiveness improvement, globalization and business strategy development.  More information about OutPut Group is at their website,

Dr. Margaret Lynch: Margaret is a writer, educator and discussion facilitator. She has been actively involved in with the Great Lakes Theater Festival. Margaret works with Partners In EXCELLENCE in directing the implementations of our Interactive Theater programs. Interactive Theater is a new approach to development in which we use professional actor in live performance or through video or CBT based programs to elevate awareness of critical issues and to serve as a forum for the organization to discuss possible directions. We have implemented programs in sales objection handling, sales planning, diversity, and legal and ethical issues in business. Margaret has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.

Affiliated Consultants:  Partners In EXCELLENCE has a network of affiliates sharing the same values and principles in helping clients achieve extraordinary results. These affiliated consultants possess specific skills and disciplines that supplement ours. These skills include specialties in market research and statistical analysis, customer and employee satisfaction surveys, telemarketing, advertising, public relations, and agency work, strategic analysis, organizational development, operations research, product development, mergers and acquisitions, and other disciplines. All have many years of experience in leading their own practices and have worked with us in other assignments. In supporting projects we consult with our clients, they serve as subcontractors to Partners In EXCELLENCE.

Sales Training Workshop Facilitators: Most of our sales training instructors have come from the ranks of sales and sales management. We have found the much of the effectiveness in a workshop comes from the personal experience in selling as well as mastery of our process and materials. Many of our instructors have been sales executives in Fortune 100 corporations, most have also had training experience in their background. Several have learned selling through managing their own manufacturers representative firms or other small-mid size businesses. A few are extraordinary trainers and facilitators who have had sales experience.

Instructional Design and Development: These associates have two basic capabilities. Experience in the design of programs and expertise in certain disciplines (i.e. leadership, customer service, etc.) These skills are most useful in the design of many of our self-study or computer based training programs.

Computer Programming and Development:  These people are responsible for the development of our CBT programs and the EXCELerators . Additionally, they support the development of our Web based programs, products, and services. Finally, they are responsible for the development of software tools we implement for our clients.

Video Production and Scriptwriting:  Our production and scriptwriting specialists drive many our video-based programs and Interactive Theater program design. Our lead producer director has an Avid editing system and access to the most modern post-production facilities available. Our lead scriptwriter is experienced in a variety of professional and theatrical works. Our programs have received industry awards for excellence.

Conducting Programs On A Global Basis:  Partners In EXCELLENCE is a global organization. A large part of our business is conducted outside the US with companies that are headquartered in other countries. We support clients in implementing their programs globally, help non-US companies develop strategies to enter the US market and help US based organizations implement strategies to compete globally. Collectively, our partners have lived or worked in over 60 countries. We are sensitive to cultural influences and nuances in effectively conducting business on a global basis.

All our associates are certified in our processes and share the same commitment to superior customer service and excellence that our firm is founded upon. In every engagement, however, a Partners In EXCELLENCE partner is the project leader and the principal interface to the client. This individual is responsible for the delivery of the results we have committed to and for certifying client satisfaction.


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